Having issues with creating your EyeRoller WEB pages?

This page is for you!

Common Issues

I get the error "download error: 4001 AG_E_NETWORK_ERROR"

this cryptic error message only says that something wrong happened when trying to download the face file.
It will be displayed in the following cases:
1) the face file was not found: check that the path you entered is correct (eventually put an absolute URL). If you used an absolute URL, make sure that it points to a file on the same domain.
2) the server does not distribute .jfa files: you might have to configure it, or rename the face to .zip

I get a pop-up window that says "ErrorCode: 1001, ErrorType: DownloadError"

If you get a message like error message (click to enlarge) it seems that you are not testing the face on a server, but from your local disk: upload the face file and the page on a server (or install and use a testing server on your machine such as Apache)

For any other error, check the contacts page to learn how to find assistance